1. My Light

"My Light" was written by Sonja Midtune


Vocals and acoustic guitar: Sonja
Guitar: Kai Nakamura
Bass: Maxwell Pierce
BGV: Alex de Monet
Cello: Jean-Paul Barjon
Drums: Jason Montgomery
Producer: Mike Lizarraga and Sonja Midtune
Recording engineer: Kai
Mixing Engineer: Tom Rogers
Mastering: Howie Weinberg

I don't have to see your lips move to know what you say in your eyes
Whisper a simple reminder: your heart is the echo of mine
I know I'm in heaven, I know it's an evergreen light by your side
Adventure unfolding, I know that we're glowing in our sunrise

Oooo My love, you're more than enough
Endlessly making it right
It's true, my love
Heaven's alive with you
Oooh my life, you're my light

Oh now your glow is so bright, flaming the lighthouse in me
reaching rays, king of the day and man on my mind


Oh I knew you were mine when you said, "the sunrise is you and I"
So tell me you know it already: Your love with mine is divine