GOLDEN GIRL EP - Sonja Midtune

Singer-songwriter/INDIE POP RISING STAR

Sonja Midtune is a MN-raised indie artist who has grown her roots in LA for the last 11 years. She just released her 3rd EP called "GOLDEN GIRL" recorded and produced by Sean Oakley (Rick Rubin, GEORGIA, LA ROUX). In 2022, she released a song every month, vent viral several times on Tiktok, and increased her monthly listeners from 1500 up to 28,000 (October). 2023 will contain more singles and an opener tour with a big artist that hasn't been announced yet. 

Album details

The newly release 5-song EP "GOLDEN GIRL" features Midune on electric guitar, acoustic guitar and syths, bass from Mikey Wagner (Andrew McMahon) and Michael Champion (CHAMPS), as well as programming from Sean Oakley. Oakley is an experienced producer, working with acts like LA ROUX and GEORGIA, after engineering for Rick Rubin for over 10 years. The combination of Midtune's dreamy voice, rad guitars, and vivid lyrics with Oakley's edge is a perfect combo for a new style of electric indie pop


Press / Reviews

"A scruffy, laidback indie-pop miracle" - Beats Per Minute

"[Midtune] blossoms in silken hues after shelving sadcore as the basis of her writing" - Buzzbands LA

“Straddles the line between dramatic and catchy pop, and earthy folk and Americana. She does this all with a sense of honesty and confidence.” - Glide Magazine

"One listen to "Haunt You Back," a tune that's mellow yet poppy, and you'll understand right away why her catchy tunes get stuck in people's heads." - RIFF

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Photo by Philíp Alexander

Photo by Philíp Alexander

Photo by Philíp Alexander